My name is Pitcha Suphantarida, but I go by the name of “Nuey”. I grew up in Thailand, and moved to Japan to pursue my undergraduate studies in Keio University, where I exposed myself to a new cultural and diverse environment. Recently, I graduated with a degree in Policy Management, and I am currently on a journey to discover my own path for the future.︎

Growing up, I’ve always been attuned to different environments and experiences that shaped me to become who I am today.  Reflective practices found in ethnography had shaped me to observe how people interact with one another in different environments, and through such interactions create new discoveries about our identities and worldview.  Through such foundations, I gravitate towards exploring different media forms to encapsulate experiences, and use it form of communication with people around me. 

Through visual media, I hope create meaningful and also creative ways of connection- for all of us to be able to share our feelings and also our thoughts more genuinely in our everyday lives. 

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