Personal Projects

Home In Tokyo: Reflection (2019)
Short documentary, 5 minutes 25 secs

This video was created during the process of Tokyo Art Research Lab “Study 3: ‘Home’ in Tokyo” organized by Arts Council Tokyo. For more information, click here (web in Japanese).

This film is a story of three people reflecting their differences and similarities.

I packed my bags and moved to Japan in 2016. It’s been three years in Japan as an international student.  My time here is about to reach its end, and a new one is about to start in a different place. On the other hand, they are still many international students discovering various possibilities in the life, exploring the foreign Tokyo with new found curiosity. 
In 2019, I met Nuruul, an Indonesiam, and Lek, a Singaporean. They both started school in 2018. Seeing the energy and enthusiasm in their eyes, it's as if I saw a reflection of my past. Because we come from different backgrounds, it may seem that we think and feel very differently However, there are many things that we can relate to as we choose Japan as our destination.  While I can relate to many of them, there are still many things that to be learned from their experiences in Japan. Through snapshots taken on disposable cameras, self-curated videos and photographs, this film is an exploration and, a reflection of sceneries and routines that helped define the place where we call as our ‘home’. 

Fireman Booklet

Editorial Project for Lucky Star Weaving, Co. Ltd’s firefighting team.
73 pages.